Monday, September 21, 2009

Constitution Fair

Washington DC was brought to Gilbert this weekend for the biggest Constitution Fair in the US. In front of the White House
At the Washington Memorial

This fair happens every year, but this is the first time we have attended. There were MANY people walking around in costume. When the kids found certain ones, they got a "constitution card." They loved meeting George and Martha Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many more. The cards were used as tickets for the games, etc.
To be honest, I thought the kids would be bored to death until the fireworks started. But I was WRONG! They loved the whole thing. So much, in fact, we hardly had any time for the games and bounce houses. It was well worth our $10 for the whole family (including G-ma, Megan and Jake.)


Let it Shine said...

That is awesome!!!

damagsmonkey said...

Wow! that's actually way cooler than the little postcard the sent home made it seem. We'll have to check it out next year

Lytles said...

Wow what a fun event! You were lucky to go! My kids celebrated Constitution Day at school but it was nothing like what you got to do! Actually they said it was pretty boring! I'm glad you had fun!