Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Funny Kids

Brandon has really been cracking me up lately with the things he says, so I thought I would type in some funny things before I forget. Last night we were having dinner. Like usual, he didn't like it. Instead of complaining, though, he said, "I am thankful to have food." Then he pushed it away. "Aren't you going to eat? " I asked? "My teacher Sister Johnson said to just be grateful, so I am. Now since I am such a nice boy, I don't have to eat it." And he was final.

Last week at playgroup, the mom said someone wet on the floor. My kids seriously NEVER have accidents, so I didn't even think twice about it being Brandon. On the way home, he said he peed on the tile at Gabes house. I was shocked! "What happened?" " Well, I wouldn't have had a problem if people kept bathrooms where they belong!" He said he looked and looked until he finally gave up. "How come your pants aren't wet?" "I pulled them down." NICE!!!

As a side note, Ainsley is now excited about having a sister, as she gets free reign on decorating her room. She gets to pick the paint color and the new crib set for her sister. She'd pick the name if I let her!!! My little designer.


shay said...

Your little Brandon is hilarious!!! I can just see that unfolding! What I want to know is, will you be invited back for a playdate with Gabe? Too funny!

JACK's house said...

What a character!!