Monday, November 12, 2007


This weekend Ainsley decided to make some money. Using water bottles, food dye, water, glitter, and rose petals, she made "snow globes." She set up a stand outside our house and sold them for $1 a bottle. I've got to know if this trait is hereditary. Her dad used to sell homemade bread for $5 a loaf door-to-door, and from what I hear Grandpa Mike used to try to sell rocks to the neighbors. :) The Sims' great entrepreneurial spirit!
Brandon, however, is more like his mother. He not only helped her make them, but felt so inclined to spend all of his own money buying from her. He just wanted to make her happy.
I wanted to take a picture to post, but I think Ryan threw Brandon's 2 bottles away! I hope he doesn't find out!

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