Sunday, June 05, 2011

Check them off the list!

While Ryan was off at scout camp this week (who do you feel worse for?  Him or me?) we had a blast checking things off our list!

We made a list of 70 things to do this summer!

1) We went hiking

 2) We went swimming at Grandma's (and a bunch of other places, too!)

3) We worked on our dives.  Brandon had diving lessons all week and Ainsley is on the diving team again.

4) we put raspberries on our fingers.  Actually, that isn't on the list, but she looks so dang cute.
 5) We harvested a ton of tomatoes.
 6.  We went to the Science Center (and attended the Lego contest)
This is the fun line I waited in.  Without my kindle.  The kids took off with Ryan to check our the rest of the exhibits while I waited.  and waited.  and waited.  

Other items we checked off this week:
Build a huge fort.
Make cupcakes
Have a lemonade stand.  (we made over $10!)
Go to the movies.  We saw the dumb Clifford movie at the Harkins cheapie flick this week.  It was really lame, but kind of touching to hear John Ritter's voice right before he died.  I loved him.

And as an extra bonus, here is a shot of Ainsley after her best dive ever, coming in at 4th place

Can't you tell by looking at her face?

Try again
Actually, the reason she is so grumpy is because they totally forgot her.  We were all standing waiting for the results.  They get all the way through up to the top 3 and she was so excited thinking she was top 3.  Then top 2.  Then first place.  Oops.  Not her.  SLAM!  I had to go up to the judges and inform them of their error.  She took it personally to say the least.

Here is her first dive of the night:


Lytles said...

You're starting off your summer with a lot of fun activities! You're a good mom!

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