Monday, June 01, 2009

School Lunch

My friend Mona was telling me about the free lunches and breakfasts our school district provides all summer. Anyone ages 1 - 18 can go to the junior high and enjoy.
I have to admit, I thought this sounded like something for the trashiest of families. (And might I add, Mona is ANYTHING but trashy. She is beautiful and tasteful.) Or maybe Something the poor kids do when the moms are too lazy to cook? She promised me it was nothing of the sort, so we decided to give it a try today.
Options were:
1)PB&J with fruit and crackers (Out of the question, we brought our peanut allergy neighbor with us.
2)Yogurt, string cheese, fruit and crackers
3) Hot lunch. Today was some nasty deep fried pizza thingys, spaghetti sauce, and green beans from a can.
Milk, chocolate milk and juice are also provided.
Ainsley, Brandon and Alexa all picked #2, Jake, Rebecca and Logan came with, as well as Mona and her daughter, Ava. They all chose hot lunch.
As I sat there looking around, I was surprised at the families. All looked like normal, non-trashy, happy little groups. All except for one. This one lady had so many kids with her. It was as if she brought her entire day care. They were running around wild, all over the stage, in the curtains, completely out of control. At one point, a woman stood up and said, "Whose baby is this?" As I looked, I noticed that familie's baby had pulled off her diaper and was running around bare butt, with the diaper in a pile next to the woman's table.
Acknowledging my mini-streaker, I stood up, grabbed her, put the diaper back on and our entire brood went home. I think I'll go back tomorrow. :)


Meredith said...


damagsmonkey said...

Haha. Too funny! Our school is doing the free meals all summer, too. I love how they have enough $$ to give out free meals to ANYONE who wants it, but don't have enough $$ to keep teachers or buy TP throughout the year....

The Lytles said...

Sounds great!

shay said...

That's hilarious! I have a major streaker too and people just don't understand..I seriously can't control it, duct tape doesn't even work for our houdini. That summer lunch thing sounds awesome for a fun field trip once a week!