Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Last Week

Last week was a crazy one!
Whitney and Ryan got tired of tan walls and decided to paint. Oh was it terrible! The ugliest color of blue you have ever seen in your life. They spent more time cleaning up the disaster and repainting. We missed having the tan walls after that!

Ainsley started her cooking class. This week she made pizza all by herself. She loves to cook, but can't wait for soccer to start. She is outside every day with her dad playing and she is AGGRESSIVE! The first season doesn't start until the end of September, and her cleats, shin guards and ball are already well used (and pink of course!)

Brandon has been a little terror this week. All of the changes in life are catching up to him. He found the scissors and cut up his shoelaces, Ainsley's UNO cards (and who knows what we haven't found yet!) He and his friend Logan flushed many things down Logan's toilet and their dad had to take it apart. He also poured a pitcher of water on his bed. For fun. Whew! He's really been a handful!

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